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logoWhat are you requesting with this form? You are requesting a QUOTE, not an actual build. We do not charge for quotes.

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When choosing this item one should add as much information as possible in the comment field about the desired system. One should also indicate if one wants a single operating system installed or desires a multi-boot PC with two or more bootable operating systems.

Please note that we do not "stock" Microsoft operating systems. Microsoft operating systems are a "special order" item. We now have a source for single Microsoft OEM media and licenses for the Microsoft "Windows 7" product line. Please use the notes section of the quote form to ask for pricing a Microsoft OS. Our typical Microsoft installation is in a virtual machine, usually VirtualBox, on a Linux host. However, we do install Microsoft systems on the "bare metal" when that is the requirement.

Why not push a Microsoft install? There are plenty of other places to get a PC preloaded with a Microsoft OS as the primary OS. At ERACC we concentrate on providing other solutions than Microsoft. However, if a client truly wants a Microsoft based PC from us, we will quote and build one. We have over 15 years of experience with Microsoft system installation and service.

Typical options would be:

  • Operating System(s) eComStation, FreeDOS, Linux1, FreeBSD Unix, PC-BSD Unix, Microsoft (see above) or bare drive(s)
  • Case Type - Mid-tower
  • A single CPU with 2, 4 or more cores (we use AMD)
  • Memory (RAM) Amount - 2 GB
  • Hard Drive(s) - SATA 500 GB
  • Optical Drive(s) - DVD±RW
  • Multi-Media Card Reader
  • Monitor
  • Speakers
  • Keyboard and/or pointing device (mouse, trackball)

Since we custom build all our computer systems to customer specifications there are simply too many options to put them all on our quote form. Anything not included in the selections on the quote form should be mentioned in the comments.

What Will It Cost?

The answer depends on what one wants and market prices when one is buying, that is why we offer this as a quote. A typical, single operating system, personal computer from us averages around $800 in cost. This average includes a keyboard, mouse and flat panel monitor. This average does not include shipping or taxes, if applicable. However, $800 is a rough average. A personal or small business desktop computer can cost slightly less than $500 to much more than $2000 depending on the options desired. While a high end, quad-CPU server can easily cost more than $5000. (FYI, a quad-CPU capable server can have up to four CPUs on the motherboard, each with multiple cores internally (An AMD Opteron CPU is available with 16 cores per CPU. A 4x16 system would have 64 processor cores.). A "core" is nearly, but not quite, equivalent to a single CPU.)

How Long Does This Take?

On average from quote request to order shipment takes about two calendar weeks. Certain options will cause this process to take longer, sometimes up to four calendar weeks. If payment by check is intended this will add a delay to the process while the check clears. If one needs to get a new computer in a hurry then state that in the comments. We will do all we can to speed up the process in that case but cannot guarantee faster service.

Be Sure to Read This:

A valid shipping address and correct contact information, including a phone number is needed before a quote will be created. We will attempt to verify this information once received by checking names against addresses and phone numbers given using various records. This is part of our fraud protection efforts for our clients. ERACC will attempt to contact a person requesting a quote when this information cannot be verified from our office.

Order Payment and Shipping

  • All orders must be prepaid and paid in US Dollars.
  • We primarily ship to North America, meaning the USA, Canada and Mexico. However, we will ship internationally if requested.
  • Please note that international shipments may significantly increase the cost of a computer order from ERACC.
  • Also note, we are prohibited from shipping to countries that are on the US Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control embargo list. Please see this page at for the FAQs with Answers about OFAC: Sanctions

1 We will install any of the top 20 Linux distributions shown at DistroWatch. We recommend Mageia.

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